I am so psyched with this project that I had to share them here. If you follow me on instagram (@ujjwal.handmadewithlove), you might have already seen them there.

One of my regular clients wanted something very unique and customised for a person who loves his bike and car and so we decided to paint the two on canvas with the actual number of the number plate.

She sent me the following photo references (Picture Credit Google) and asked to create something on these lines.

So I started with a basic sketch of the bike and the car. These were drawn free hand with a regular graphite pencil.
And then I first started with the bike filling in the mostly the black color. I had no plan as such as to how I will go about it.
After the black, I did the background first

 And then I went with the greys and the whites to bring out all the details to make it look as close to the real thing as possible. Sorry about the difference in colors in the photos. The photos were taken on my phone and then tons of instagram filters happened because I couldn’t resist 😀

The one below are the true colors of the canvas!

I also added the actual number plate of the bike that the recipient of this canvas has. I removed it for privacy here.

The car turned out to be far more tricky than the bike, mostly because I didn’t get the sketch right. My angles and proportions were off in the pencil sketch and I ended up paying for it by doing and redoing the whole thing.

So after a lot of changes, I managed to make it look somewhat like the original but there is so much room for improvement.

It was hard work but I loved working on them as painting is my first love. I might even go as far and say I’m a little bit proud of myself for painting these 😀

I would love to hear what you think of them! Until next time 🙂
Stretched Canvas 12″X 14″

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