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Hello lovelies and Happy weekend!

I finished making this fabulous square MDF tray from Craftslane yesterday. I am new to decoupage and still discovering the dos and don’ts of it but it was so much fun experimenting.

This was so easy to do and that fact it looks like its hand painted is the icing on the cake 😀
And here is how it all came together (I followed the tutorial here) 🙂

1.  Start with the MDF square tray and give a coat of Acrylic Paints. I tried to match the inside color with the background on the decoupage napkin that I planned on using, just so everything looks like one at the end.

2. Let it dry. Use more coats of paint if needed. I did 2 coats here.

3. Using a sand paper, sand the tray edges a little for a worn off look. If you look closely, you will be able to spot the highlights peeking behind from the paint because of sanding. 

3. Use your favorite decoupage napkin (which by the way are available at Craftslane at awesome prices), carefully separate the napkin plys(the thinner the paper, the better the decoupage). Using a wet brush, very carefully tear the image you want to use from the napkin. 

4. Cover the Tray with mod podge using a foam brush and lay your image from the napkin in place and smooth it out on the tray, making sure it’s bubble free and wrinkle free. Let dry and then top it up with another layer of mod podge.

5. After it is dry, sand the tray a little bit again to keep the worn off look going. And then layer the butterflies from the napkin on to the flowers on the tray using mod podge.

6. It looked a little plain to me at this stage so I added some paint dots to fill in the enpty space and bring the design together.

7. Let dry and seal the decoupage with 2-3 layers of mod podge on top. Let air dry in between coats.

And so here it is, I am still learning decoupaging and figuring it out. One thing for sure, it requires patience 🙂
Share your decoupage insights, projects  and tips if you have any!

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