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I know I am awful at handling awards..not that I am not grateful but its just that I am too lazy 😀
Anyways, I have been lucky to receive a few blog awards in the past few days and thought I’d share them with you here finally.

I first one is from Bhavana – Thanks a ton sweetie!

The next one is from Aditya – Thanks a lot!!

Next is from Tejal – Thank you, girl! It really means a lot 🙂
And I got another one from Hussena today- Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it.

I think these awards have made their way to almost everybody I know :D. So I’m going to pass this on to any of my lovely readers, all of whom are worthy. If you would like to take this award and pass it on, please be my guest :0) 

I shared a few random things about me sometime back. So I will just share some random things going on my side these days..ha!

1. I am being really lazy these days. I don’t know what’s getting to me..Is it the heat? Maybe..I don’t know but I really lazy lazy 🙂
2. I am a complete movie freak and love to watch movies in theaters but its been six months since I last did that. I have to be happy watching downloaded movies on computer (Courtesy DH!! Marriage changes so many things 😀 )
3. I am experimenting with my cooking a lot lately. Learning new dishes from cookery shows and trying them out. Its fun!
4. I am a bit bored of life these days. It seems as if the excitement  has disappeared. I think a  nice vacation might bring it back (DH are you reading this? :D)
5. I left my job 3 months back because I was bored and it was too hectic. Now I am looking for a new one and hoping it wouldn’t bore me.
6. Its my birthday this month and I am excited about it. I know I sound like a teenager but I am sometimes crazy like that. But who cares, its the first one I will be celebrating with DH 🙂

I  guess that’s all I have going on with me for now 😀

I also wanted to share this sweet card that Romina sent me when I was celebrating my 100 followers. Thanks a lot dear. I was so happy to receive it because I didn’t expect it at all. So thoughtful of you!

I guess I have covered most of the things. If I missed out on any award please let me know. Will ya? 😀

Hopefully I will be back with a card tomorrow. Till then ciao!

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