Today I am sharing some very quick and easy watercolor techniques to create textures. These would make perfect backgrounds for cards, tags and layouts!

Tecnique #1 : SALT

Salt absorbs water. So when we sprinkle salt on wet watercolors, it takes away some of the color and leaves a really cool texture behind.  This works perfectly for galaxy effects and even for far away trees.

Tecnique #2 : TISSUE

Crumple a tisse paper and dab gently on the wet watercolor surface. This will again lift some of the color and leave a wonderful texture behind. This would be perfect to create clouds.

Tecnique #3 : Wax

Wax acts as a resist for the watercolors. You can use a candle or even a wax crayon to draw any pattern and the watercolor won’t go into those areas, creating a wonderful, fun pattern.

Tecnique #4 : RICE

Just like salt, rice absorbs water. So when sprinkled onto wet watercolor surface, it will absorb watercolor and leave a very cool pattern behind which would be perfect to give an effect of fallen leaves.

Tecnique #5 : PLASTIC WRAP

When we cover a wet watercolor surface with a cling/plastic wrap, it traps the color in between the creases and leaves a wonderful abstract pattern when dry. This is great for backdrops of watercolor paintings.

Tecnique #6 : CLOTH

I used a cheese cloth and the effect was very subtle. I couldn’t even capture it on camera. But experiment with other texture cloth material like denim to see some cool results. Cloth will absorb water and leave a pattern behind.

Watch the video here,

I hope you enjoy experimenting and creating your own watercolor textures and backgrounds. Don’t forget to tag me on social media if you get inspired and give it a try 🙂

Thank you for stopping by today!


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